English Assignment

ENG 130: Literature and Comp

Descriptive Imagery Response

Eng 130: Descriptive Writing

This assignment focuses on your ability to: research academic and reliable sources; translate the

information from those sources into a cohesive piece of writing; respond creatively to artwork.

The purpose of completing this assignment is: as a student and a career professional, and individual, you

will often be required to research information that will further a school assignment, a work-related project, or a

personal endeavor. Also, you might be asked to translate research into a written or oral presentation that you

can share with coworkers and peers in a way that will describe, persuade, or evoke emotion. This assignment

has all of these skills!


Prompt (What are you writing about?):

Find a famous work of art or famous photograph and complete the following:

1. Include a pasted picture of your painting or photograph.

2. Research the artist and the painting/photograph and write a history in your own words. You must use

in text citations for your newly researched information. You should have at least one academic

research source.

3. Create an original Response Poem that uses imagery to describe the artwork and your reaction to it.

Instructions (how to get it done):

• Cut and paste a picture of a famous work of art.

• Research and write a history of the piece of art and the artist.

Note: Be very careful about plagiarism. The purpose of this section is for you to research the

work of art and the artist, put the summary of history and life into your own words, and then

provide in text citations for the researched information.

• Create a descriptive poem that uses imagery words to provide a visual description of your chosen

artwork and your reaction to it.

Note: Your poem needs to be at least 14 lines. Remember in writing poetry, that not all poems

need to rhyme. The important skill here is to use imagery descriptions to describe the artwork

and the author.


• Length and format: 2-3 pages (not including the pasted picture).

• The title page and reference page are also required, but they should not be factored into the 2-3 page

length of the essay.

• Research section should be double spaced, written in Times New Roman, in 12 point font and with 1

inch margins. Essay should conform to APA formatting and citation style. Please refer to the APA 7th

edition module with any questions.

• Use APA format for in-text citations and references when using outside sources.

• Please be cautious about plagiarism. Make sure to use in-text citations for direct quotes,

paraphrases, and new information.

Rubric for Descriptive Writing Literary Response

Does Not Meet Expectations


Below Expectations


Needs Improvement




Meets Expectations



Writing is disorganized or not clearly defined and/or shows a misunderstanding of the task.

Writing is minimally organized. Narrative is underdeveloped.

Writing is effective. Narrative is basic.

Writing contains related, quality paragraphs. Thought provoking narrative.

Writing is purposeful and focused. Narrative goes beyond the obvious and basic.

Integration of Research

Does not include researched evidence and/or text support is not cited.

Minimal researched evidence is used and/or has many errors in citation formatting.

Researched evidence is used from one outside non-academic source and/or citation formatting has some errors.

Researched evidence is used from one outside source and/or citation formatting has some errors.

Researched evidence is insightfully integrated from at least one outside source AND is properly cited.

Response Poem The student does not include a poem or the poem is plagiarized.

The student creates an awkward poem that does not meet the criteria.

The student attempts a poem that is lacking in response imagery or is not 14 lines.

The student creates a 14 line poem that has some imagery and is somewhat in response to the art.

The student creates a thoughtful poem that is a direct response to the art, is filled with imagery, and is at least 14 lines.

Grammar and Mechanics

Grammar and mechanics’ errors make the essay incomprehensible

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics errors occur throughout document.

Several errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and mechanics present.

Some spelling, grammar, punctuation and mechanical errors are evident.

Free of punctuation, spelling, grammar, and other mechanical errors.

APA Format

APA format not used.

Errors in four areas of APA format and style.

Errors in three areas of APA format and style.

Errors in two areas of APA format and style.

No errors in APA format and style.