Enterprise And Entrepreneurial Management Guidelines

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management Guidelines – PART TWO

Ø Word Report


o Title Page

o Table of Content

o Body (with headings and sub-headings)

o Conclusion

o Recommendation

o Reference List

Ø The purpose of the assignment (EVALUATE the 2nd part of the assignment that presents a proposal for an individual business start-up idea) Students are NOT looking at outcomes but rather what their proposed research would be given the nature of their business idea).

Keep the original start-up business idea and continue…..

Summary (Roughly 100 words)

FRISTLY provide the reader with a summary from the first part…then proceed as follows:-

Introduction (Roughly 150 words)

This area sets the tone for the report – WHAT, WHY and HOW.




You are     evaluating the importance of your potential business idea. Why     these information is important given the nature of your business idea.

DO NOT DISCUSS ANY OUTCOMES. Only discuss why this information WILL be critical for your proposed     idea.

Marketing (Roughly 1350 words)

1. Market research methods

2. Marketing Strategies

a. Product

b. Pricing

c. Promotion


1. Identify location

2. Personal needs

3. Proximity to suppliers


1. Describe sources for fund

a. Project cash flow

Conclusion (Roughly 200 words)

Having evaluated the literature, what did you conclude? (NO NEW POINTS HERE).

Recommendation (Roughly 200 words)

Given the nature of the business and product offering having done the critical analysis, give key elements for the successful implementation for proposed research for a start-up venture.