Entrepreneurial And Strategic Thinking

I have attached the Case Study No. 6 “Netflix’s Business Model and Strategy in Renting Movies and TV Episodes” (answers). The case study is on PageC87 of the Textbook. The case’s questions and answers are focused on specific points related to:

  1. Identification of the five competitive forces in the industry,
  2. driving changes in the industry,
  3. Analysis of the strategic groups in the industry, and
  4. Identification of the critical factors of success in the industry.

Activity 1: After reading and studying Chapter 3 and the Netflix Case Study attached, do the following activity.

This week’s assignment is to research and describe these specific points in the industry your current organization belongs to, as I mentioned in the Week 2 Virtual Lecture. Look at the industry your current company is in, then (1) define the five competitive forces in the industry, (2) find out what would be the driving changes in your industry (based on basic and common driving changes explained in the chapter), (3) Identify potential strategic groups in your industry, and (4) identify potential critical factors in your industry.

Expected outcome: Individual written report using APA format. Full credits for the written information will be based upon identification and description of all the topics. For example, for the matter “driving changes,” you must identify all the driving changes mentioned in the textbook chapter. Those that apply should be described. Those that do not apply should say as to why they did not apply.