Was Raymond Albert Kroc, founder of McDonald’s an Entrepreneur? If yes, Why?  If not, Why Not??

I believe YES he was an Entrepreneur here are some of my reasons:

1. Vision – Dreaming until the idea is less vague and more clear

2. Passion – Persistence & Believing in yourself -Making a roaring fire from a kindle

3. Optimism – Including Devotion & Resilience to keep succeeding despite failure & challenges

4. Integrity – Pitching an idea for profits is one thing but doing it to make the world a better place is another

5. Leadership – giving credit to your team for making dreams a reality

6. Planning – Creating a blueprint of your dream

7. Curiosity – Drives a person to new doors, paths & worlds.

8. Creativity – The word “Impossible” does not exist in your dictionaries

9. Craziness – The good kind of crazy, having wild, outlandish ideas

10. Innovative –  Always constantly improving, coming up with new ideas

Please use proper reputable references if not academic references are available