Entrepreunership And New Venture Creation

Task: written summative assignment

Develop a business plan – Part 1

This assessment is a written submission exam and will be released in week 5 of the course.

Students are required to provide a report that will help them to develop a final business plan in the final assignment.

Analyse and develop at least the following points. Do some research on any element that you consider relevant for your project.

o Describe your business opportunity: Define the product or service. What customer needs are met by your business idea? o Test your idea: How would you research the market to explore interest in your new product/service. o Present the final product/service (features, benefits, price). o What is your value proposition?

o What is your competitive advantage compared to the industry where your business idea will compete? o Define your Target o Describe your Business Model


The report should be in word document format and must be uploaded to a Turnitin folder created on the course Moodle platform.


 Word: Word count: 1000 words.(include your research and your findings)

 Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total slide count.

 Font: Arial, size 12,5

 Text alignment: Justified

 The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.

Submission: Week (6) – Via Moodle (Turnitin). Submission deadline Sunday 7 th November 2021 at 23:59 CEST

Weight: This task is a 40% of your total grade for this subject.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:


 Outcome 1: Understanding the market trends and the competitors. Understanding the target

 Outcome 2: Understanding customer needs and value proposition match

 Outcome 3: Understanding strength and weaknesses of an entrepreneur





Exceptional 90-100 Good 80-89 Fair 70-79 Marginal fail 60-69

Knowledge & Student demonstrates Student demonstrates Student understands the Student understands the task Understanding excellent understanding of good understanding of the task and provides minimum and attempts to answer the

(20%) key concepts and uses task and mentions some theory and/or some use of question but does not vocabulary in an entirely relevant concepts and vocabulary. mention key concepts or uses appropriate manner. demonstrates use of the minimum amount of relevant relevant vocabulary. vocabulary.

Application (30%) Student applies fully Student applies mostly Student applies some Student applies little relevant relevant knowledge from relevant knowledge from relevant knowledge from knowledge from the topics the topics delivered in the topics delivered in the topics delivered in delivered in class. class. class. class. Misunderstanding Misunderstands are evident. Value proposition, Value proposition, may be evident. Value proposition, competitive advantage, competitive advantage, Value proposition, competitive advantage, positioning, business positioning, business competitive advantage, positioning, business model, model, break even model, break even positioning, business break even model, break even

Critical Thinking Student critically assesses Student critically assesses Student provides some Student makes little or none (30%) in excellent ways, drawing in good ways, drawing insights but stays on the critical thinking insights, does

outstanding conclusions conclusions from relevant surface of the topic. not quote appropriate from relevant authors. authors and references. References may not be authors, and does not relevant. provide valid sources.

Communication Student communicates Student communicates Student communicates Student communicates their (20%) their ideas extremely their ideas clearly and their ideas with some ideas in a somewhat unclear

clearly and concisely, concisely, respecting word clarity and concision. It and unconcise way. Does not respecting word count, count, grammar and may be slightly over or reach or does exceed grammar and spellcheck spellcheck under the wordcount limit. wordcount excessively and Some misspelling errors misspelling errors are may be evident. evident.