1. Define “Sustainability” and give one example of an aspect of our current system that is unsustainable and why it is unsustainable. (5 points)

2. Define the terms accuracy and precision , and why scientists use “precision instruments” to record measurements.

3. Describe the relationship of surface area to volume. What is the ratio for a cube measuring 1 cm 3 ? How does the ratio change for a cube measuring 2cm 3 ? Show your work.

4. How to have three related species of the Genus “ Lepus ” (Arctic hare, snowshoe hare, and jackrabbit) adapted to deal with extreme heat and/or cold in their environments?

5. Write the definition of the Law of Energy Conservation?

6. Describe the Law of Entropy (the 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics).

7. What is the current global human population?

8. List five environmental problems directly related to human population growth.

9. List the common and scientific names of 5 animals native to Maine.. Remember to capitalize

The Genus and not the species names, and underline or italicize them.

10. List the common and scientific names of 5 forest trees native to Maine. Remember to capitalize on the Genus and not the species names, and underline or italicize them.

Using the attached Periodic Table of the Elements answer the following questions.

11. What period is Si (Silicon) in? __________

12. How many energy shells does a Silicon atom have? __________

13. What is the Atomic Number of Calcium? _____________

14. How many Protons does a Cl (Chlorine) atom contain? ____________

15. How many neutrons does a Chlorine atom contain? ___________

16. How many valence electrons does a Calcium atom have? ____________

17. What are the elements in the Main Group elements 8A called? _____________________

18. What makes Main Group 8 A elements special? _________________________________

19. List one molecule formed by a covalent bond. __________________

20. Name an element that is a perfect ionic bond partner for Sodium (Na). _____________

Bonus question. What is the animal “ Glyptemys insculpta ”, and how did it get its common name? (2 points).