1. Create an Art Response to one of the readings from the term so far. The art piece can be poetry, short story, sculpture, painting, drawing, dance, monologue, performance piece, song, video game, or music that you create (but NOT collage). If you choose to write Haiku or short poetry, you need to write a series of at least 4 connected/related pieces.  The art MUST be your own creative work.  If you incorporate others’ words or images, you must reference them in the art itself as well as in the Artist Statement. Half of the grade.
  2. Write an Artist Statement to turn in with your Art Response due with your art. The purpose of the statement is for students to connect course concepts to art piece referencing the reading that inspired the piece. As such, students will explain the medium choice (genre, colors, style, size, etc.) and why each is specifically appropriate to the class themes and the reading.  This assignment recognizes that knowledge is not only created in traditional academic pursuits and gives more students the chance to excel in alternate ways for an assignment. Half of the grade.