You will write a 4 page essay exploring the relevance of two social theorists we have covered in class to a contemporary social issue(Jean Baudrillard,Rogers Brubaker). The goal is to show your familiarity with the theorists, your ability to relate his ideas to the current world, and your skill at effective written communication of theoretical ideas. In this essay you should strive to indicate mastery of some of the core ideas of the theorists you have chosen. Part of the essay will be a detailed description of one or more concepts from each theorist. The remainder of the essay will involve discussing how these concepts help us to better understand a contemporary social issue. While quotes are allowed, it is important that you be able to communicate the author’s ideas in your own words. This is a short essay so stay focused on the core elements of the assignment and be efficient.

The topic for essay three is Covid-19. You should pick some specific angle on the issue such as resistance to vaccines, how Covid has changed work and learning, or how the risks posed by Covid are experienced unequally. Use 2 theorists to delve more deeply into the issue you are interested in. 

The paper is to be approximately 4 pages in 12 pt. type with 1 inch margins. No title page is required.

Note: No outside source other than the course readings (Chapter 59 and 72)