Teaching Goals What are the priorities? (“By the end of the teaching session, the patient will…”)

Content Outline What will you teach? Use bullet points to organize topical information

Methodology How will you teach the content? What modalities will you use?

Rationale Why have you chosen the teaching modalities?

Evaluate Purpose: To demonstrate effective teaching/learning skills for the childbearing family. Topics:

Choose a topic to teach: Newborn Feeding (breastmilk or formula), Infant Safety, Newborn Care (bathing, circumcision care) Car Seat Safety, or another newborn care topic of your choosing (do not select Safe Sleep Practices/SIDs as this topic is included in another clinical activity…additional topics may be chosen with instructor approval). Instructions: ~Research your chosen topic, using websites, textbooks, patient teaching materials from clinical setting, observation in clinical setting etc. ~Create a teaching plan on your chosen topic using patient information handouts from the facility or create a brochure with information on your topic. ~ Find two articles from a nursing or allied health journal that relates to patient education or the topic you have chosen for your teaching plan. Include the citation with any other resources you used.