Length:  3.5- 4 pages

Description:  For this assignment, you will be writing about a book of your choice.  After choosing a book from the list of authors below, you need to first, make sure to tell me about the book in the first paragraph of your paper (the title, author, and date of publication) and also tell me why you picked the book you did choose.  Then in the body of the paper you have to write on your take on the book, basically, what did you get out of the book?  What did the book make you think about?  Did you learn anything from the book?  Last of all, you have to write a conclusion.

This should not be a summary paper, I want a response paper.

As always, this is a major writing assignment, so please double-space your work and  obviously, all the conventions of proper writing apply here, use spell check to help yourself and proofread your work to get even more help with it.

I do ask for a works cited page also.

Use MLA format.


George Orwell

H.G. Wells


Jules Verne

Ray Bradbury

Sir Author Conan Doyle

E.M. Remarque

Rudyard Kipling

J.R.R. Tolkien