Essay On Obesity

English homework help
Report Issue
Use MLA formatting
Essay should be 6+ pages long (not including Works Cited page), double-spaced with no additional spacing between lines or paragraphs.
Upload a PDF, Word document, or GoogleDocument
Remember to include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay
Must have at least 5 sources from a variety of mediums (i.e. book, magazine, website, newspaper, journal, database, etc.)
These are the paragraphs in your essay. Every issue is different so the last few paragraphs will vary based on your chosen issue.

Introduction (Paragraph #1)
History of the issue (Paragraph #2)
Causes of the issue (Paragraph #3)
Effects of the issue (Paragraph #4)
Counter-argument / introduce alternative solutions (Paragraph #5)
Rebuttal / refutation of alternative solutions (Paragraph #6)
Introduce “best” solution (Paragraph #7)
1st reason why this is the best solution (Paragraph #8)
2nd reason why this is the best solution (Paragraph #9)
3rd reason why this is the best solution (Paragraph #10)
Conclusion (Paragraph #11)
Questions to ask yourself before you turn in the rough draft are

Does each paragraph begin with a topic sentence previewing the purpose and main idea of the paragraph?
Is there enough evidence (research, expert opinion, facts, statistics, data, etc.) supporting the main idea of EACH body paragraph?
Are all the sources used throughout your essay included on the Works Cited page?
Have you added a concluding paragraph?