Essay Three: problem


Essay Three:  problem



On page xxv of the “Introduction” to her book Ephemeral Territories, Erin Manning frames her studies of nation, home, and identity by telling her readers that we should not be asking ourselves “What is a Nation?”  Rather, Manning takes that the position that critical analyses of questions of nation, home, and identity should take us to try to answer the following question:  “How is nationhood as a political and cultural form institutionalized within and among states?”  In reference to this position, please write your Essay Three assignment in direct response to the following question:


In the critical analyses of the topics of nation, home, and identity that Erin Manning develops over her chapters in the book Ephemeral Territories, how does Manning establish and support her arguments and position that it makes far more sense to ask how a nation is rather than what a nation is?


The thesis statement that you establish in the introduction to your essay should express your response to this question clearly and directly.  And you should seek to support your thesis, in the body of your essay, through rich consideration of the broader arguments and evidence that Manning develops in her book, as we have studied it in this course.  It is expected that you will develop your arguments from close critical readings of the discussions and arguments that Manning raises across the chapters of her book, as we have studied them in our course.


In writing this essay, please be sure to demonstrate as full an understanding of and insight into Manning’s analyses of nation, home, and identity as you can, as she develops these analyses across the chapters of Ephemeral Territories.  And build your position and arguments as fully as you can with consideration of the logic and substance of Manning’s discussion of the ephemerality of nation, home, and identity, as we have studied them in our course, including evidence and examples from which she builds her study of the subject.


In writing your essay, please be sure to build the substance of your arguments and observations through rich referencing to and direct engagements with the full range of chapters we have read from Manning’s book (providing page numbers with each reference), as we have studied it in CGS 1021G.  And, please prepare your essay in the form and style recommended across pages 6, 7, and 8 of the course syllabus.


  • due no later than: April 5th (by midnight)


  • submit essay electronically via Assignment tool on CGS 1021G course OWL site


  • length of each essay: no less than 1,200 words (and as long as you like after that)


  • referencing style: Chicago Style