Essentials of Chinese Culture Response Paper #2

Essentials of Chinese Culture Response Paper #2


Choose ONE of the following topics and answer it in a response paper of approximately 500 words (1-2 pages, double-spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides, typed):



l The image of women appears in many poems in the Book of Poetry. Focus on the description of women in 1 or 2 poems we have learned in the Book of Poetry. What are the similarities or differences regarding the descriptions of a woman in these poems? Choose the similarities OR the differences to write your essay. For complete English translation of the Book of Poetry, refer to Hint: Refer to class materials in Week 9. 


l Choose 1 or 2 poems and discuss the uses of natural images. How is nature described or presented in the poem? How do the poet’s uses of natural images contribute to the presentation of his emotion? Develop a thesis. Support your thesis with textual examples from “Nineteen Old Poems”. Hint: Refer to class materials in Week 10.


l In “Ying-ying’s Story,” we see several different literary genres, including prose and poetry. What kind of functions do they have? How do they serve for the development of the plot or the description of the main characters? Hint: Refer to class materials in Week 11.


Grading criteria for response paper (Each aspect 3 point, 5*3%=15%):

  • evidence of finishing required readings (hint: include citations to class readings)
  • originality of thoughts,
  • clear and persuasive thesis statement and analysis,
  • clarity and consistency of style,
  • correct citation and reference list included.


Grading and turning-back of response papers:

Please upload your response papers by November 25 Wednesday 11:59pm. Papers should be typed, double-spaced, 1-2 pages, with 1 inch margins on all sides for comments. Quotations should be cited by giving the page number in the reading in parenthesis immediately following the quotation.  For example:

The Analects states, “To learn, and at due times to practice what one has learned” (“Selections from the Analects”, p. 45).

Don’t forget to type your name, course title (CC5901: Essentials of Chinese Culture), and the date on your paper.

Give your paper a title; sometimes this helps you focus clearly on your thesis.

Your instructor will comment on and return all response papers before the final session on Dec 2. And, finally, have fun with it.