Ethics And Attorney

Review the  ABA’s Model Rules for Professional Conduct (Links to an external site.)  then consider the following scenario:

You are prosecuting Joe for a murder and he tells you he wants to plead guilty. The only evidence is circumstantial and does not 100% point to whether Joe actually pulled the trigger. You get an anonymous tip that says Joe’s friend actually committed the murder. When you ask Joe, he denies it and continues to want to plead guilty. Joe is a known gang member and has an extensive criminal history involving violent offenses.

1. As the prosecutor in this situation, what would you do?

2. Justify your actions based on the ABA’s Model Rules for Professional Conduct.

3. With which ethical framework (deontology, virtue, or utilitarianism) are your actions most closely related?

350-450 words excluding references, APA format and a minimum of 3 references