Ethics And Conduct Of Accounting Profession

Scenario – Audit Time Budget Pressure

Rehab after completing her bachelor’s degree in Accounting has joined the CPA firm ACE Auditing & Consultancy Services as an Audit Trainee on 01st July 2020. Rehab has been assigned to the audit of Star LLC. The audit supervisor Jawahar was informing Rehab that she is taking more time in completing the audit work assigned to her and because of her delay the audit team is facing with the problem to complete the audit within the budgeted time period.

Last week the partner in charge of the firm – Mr. Waleed have asked Rehab to meet him in his office. During the meeting, the following conversation took place:

Mr. Waleed: Rehab, the reason why I asked you to see me is the time record sheet. We found that your time record sheet indicate that it takes you 50 percent longer time to complete the audit work than the other colleagues in your audit team.

Rehab: I understand, but Mr Waleed, I just joined three months before and still learning on the job.
Mr. Waleed: That’s true, but you know that we have fixed budget for this audit. Every hour you spend more than the budgeted time will cost money for the firm. If this continues, we must bill extra to the client whose audit you work on, which the client will be reluctant accept. We do not want to lose our clients.
Rehab: I do understand Mr. Waleed, However, it is taking more time than I expected
too. If I am to cut down the time it will affect the quality of the audit as I am
unable to reconcile in the given short period.
Mr. Waleed: I would never compromise the quality of our audit. I am trying to figure out why it takes you so much longer than other staff members.
Rehab: If this is the case, am I allowed take some of the work home at night and on

weekends, complete it. This will not charge the firm or the client for the extra time I am spending on the audit.

Mr. Waleed was surprised by the Rehab’s openness. He valued the character of Rehab, but he could not provide an answer as ‘yes’ for Rehab’s request. He concluded the meeting by stating that it is Rehab’s call to decide on how to increase her productivity on audits. As her progress on the discussed matter decides her future with the firm.

With the effort to deal with the problem, Rehab approached Muna, one of the senior auditors in her team and asked whether Muna had faced such problem. Muna stated, ‘Yes Rehab, I initially found it difficult to complete my work within the budgeted time. Later, I handled it by ghost ticking. (Documenting audit procedures that have not been completed is called the ‘Ghost ticking’). Further she insisted Rehab to do the same to overcome the problem as no one will be watching.

Assume you are in the position of Rehab; Explain how you would be reacting to the situation in the given scenario.

Your report should:

i. Discuss your (Rehab’s) ethical obligation as an Audit Trainee,

ii. Evaluate using the ethical theories (consequential, non-consequential and virtue), whether to take work home to complete and not to charge for the job or to involve in ghost ticking

iii. Discuss your approach in explaining your stance to Mr. Waleed in your next meeting with him regarding the problem in the given scenario.

(Total Marks – 20)

(maximum word limit – 2000 words)

Your assignment should be structured as follows

· Title page

· Introduction

· Content

· Conclusion

· References

· Annexures (If any)

Specific requirement – Rules for formatting

Font and Size Times New Roman, 12 point
Margin keep a margin of 1 inch on all the sides
Space line spacing should be 1.5
Paragraph spacing should be 6pt
All paragraph should start left, aligned and justified


Marks/Grades 90-100 85-89 74-84 56-73 50-55 0-49
Criterion A A- B C D F
Knowledge Shows wellcoordinated understanding of subject Sound understanding of subject matter Major facts are understood Shows understanding of basic issues/theory Minimal understanding of basic issues/topic No understanding of the topic/subject area
Analysis Touches upon all relevant issues/theory. Concise analysis Detailed coverage of basic concepts/theory. Reasonable coverage of subtle issues/theory Reasoned argument and sequencing Shows evidence of understanding of concepts. Coverage of obvious ideas. Fails to identify subtle issues/theory. Captures obvious ideas. No or minimal understanding of the key theories/topic
Research Excellent referencing and reading in all areas Use of up to date resources. Well informed and generally accurate information provided. Clear referencing Appropriate referencing Adequate referencing and reading. Weak reading and referencing Poor referencing. Shows lack of reading/references

out of date

Relevance All material used is of relevance Material used is relevant Discussion shows relationship to theory Some material repetitive Some repetitive matter. Irrelevant No relevance to subject matter
Conclusion Excellent conclusion. Brings together all concepts and adds an original perspective Intelligent conclusion. Good application of knowledge Methods incorporate modifications used Conclusion in place but key points missing. Reasonable application of knowledge Weak conclusion and content. Satisfactory application of ideas/theory Poor conclusion. Poor knowledge application.
Writing Excellent articulation. Accurate grammar/spelling Ideas expressed in a clear and coherent manner. Language fluent and grammar/spelling accurate Clarity in writing is evidenced Language fluent. No major

grammatical/spelling errors

Frequent errors in writing Poor written skillsspelling, grammar construction of sentences
Structure Clear and coherent Structure with excellent presentation Structure is clear and supports argument. Presentation appropriate Appropriate structure Coherent structure. Satisfactory

presentation of matter