Ethics In Business

Social Science homework help
Report Issue
The objective is to make an “audit report”, thereby assessing their business practises in terms of (choose max. 4):

– Corporate governance and finance
– Marketing
– Employee Relations
– Sustainability
– Technology

• Each of the (max. 4) issues you choose, has to cover a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 400 words. The amount of words include:

– description of the activities you find and
– the assessment of these activities (using theory, concepts and approaches towards ethics provided throughout the course)
The minimum amount of words to be used is 1000 (choice of 3 or 4 subjects), and the maximum is 1600 (choice of 4 subjects, 400 words each)
You may want to include images/graphics etc. (for example from their website) to make your reasoning and argumention more visual and explicative
Font: Arial. Size: 12,5pts. Line spacing: 1,5. Text align: Justified.
Appendices and References, do not count towards the final wordcount but are strongly recommended (referencing websites, articles, books etc.)