Evaluate Ethical Procedures

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Warm-Up 7.1: Continue to Form Your Timeline for Your Signature Assignment

Continue your timeline by placing each of the discoveries described in this week’s readings on a timeline. You can build your timeline in a Word document, or if you prefer, you may use one of the following tools to help craft your timeline:

• Timeline Creator

• Learning Tools, Timeline Tool

For each discovery that you enter in the timeline, also include at least two important events that happened in history or science at that time.

This task will eventually be submitted as part of your Signature Assignment (Week 8), and does not need to be submitted at this time.

Warm-Up Activity 7.2: Continue to Form your Career Journal Entry for your Signature Assignment

Continue to learn more about possible career choices in psychology related to this week’s topic at:

  • American Psychological Association, PsycCareers
  • Association for Psychological Association, Employment Network (choose a field in psychology by using the drop down box and career openings will appear)

As a result of your overall search, you should note in a personal career journal at least three career options related to the field of psychology that you studied this week. For each of the three career options you list, include:

• The job title

• The job description or type of work involved

• The education level required

• Your own interest in this type of career or further training in this area.

This task will eventually be submitted as part of your Signature Assignment (Week 8), and does not need to be submitted at this time.


For this task, choose two experiments from your readings this week. Describe and analyze each of the experiments you chose. You will prepare two separate analyses; for each analysis, include the following:

  • A brief summary of the study
  • A one paragraph explanation of   the background in the field leading up to the study, and the reasons the researchers carried out the project.
  • The significance of the study to the field of psychology
  • A brief discussion of supportive or contradictory follow-up research findings and subsequent questioning or criticism from others in the field
  • A summary of at least one recent experiment (within the past two years) that is related to the seminal experiment (Hint: Excellent sources for recent research summaries are the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology and the Association for Psychological Science).
  •  A brief reflection that considers the following:
    • Considering the ethical guidelines for research as explained in the preface of this text as well as in the APA code of ethics, evaluate the two research studies that you chose to examine this week.
    • Would this research be able to be undertaken today? What would have to change to have this research be considered ethical by today’s standards?
    • How did this research lead to the development of ethical standards in psychological research?

Length: 3 – 3.5 pages