Evidence And Crime Scene

The evidence collected at crime scenes may come in many forms, but the purpose is the same to help the innocent and lay the foundation for a conviction of the guilty.  Consider how this week’s material may be relevant to your Week Six Final Paper.  Prior to beginning this assignment, review the required resources:

An Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation
  • Chapter 4: Duties of the First Responders to the Crime Scene
  • Chapter 5: Specialized Personnel and Safety Considerations


Also, use the information in this crime scene scenario to prepare for the assignment:

Your Evidence and Crime Scene paper must address the following elements:

  • Describe the steps that must be taken to secure and process a crime scene.
  • Explain the various personnel at a crime scene, and explain what each of them does.
  • Discuss whether you believe it is a good idea to have personnel who have different skills and training at the crime scene and the laboratory or whether there should be fewer people with multiple specialties.
  • Articulate what aspects of this week’s material you can use to complete your analysis of the crime scene in your final assignment.

The Evidence and Crime Scenes paper