Evidence-Based Management (EBM) Paper

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This project requires you to apply an evidence-based approach to management. For this application assignment, you will first need to choose a particular HR function (e.g., selection) on which to focus and then, a specific management practice (e.g., interviewing) on which to apply EBM. To accomplish this, you should identify and read 3-5 relevant journal articles on your chosen management practice. The deliverable for this course requirement will be a paper that describes: a) EBM and its primary goals; b) the chosen management practice and why it is important to firm performance; c) the major takeaways from your literature review; d) how the research findings should inform your chosen management practice; e) an acknowledgment of the strengths and weaknesses (i.e., limitations) of your evidence-based recommendations; and f) the reference list of journal articles used. Do not exceed 12 pages (not counting cover page) using 1 ½ spacing, 12 pt.