Evolution paper

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The overall length limit is 2,000 words (see each section for the breakdown). This is a maximum, not a target length. It does NOT include the title, figures, tables or references.


Write in your own words. Although you have carried out the work and discussed it in your research team, this paper should be written in your own words. So long as you do this, you will not be penalised for similarities with another student’s work.


The number of marks for each section is shown. There is an additional 5% for the overall quality of presentation, so make sure that you proofread your paper. (These marks are the averages from the poll taken in Workshop 4).


Title (15 Words, 5 marks)

Give your paper a short, informative title. Be precise and clear. Originality is not required here.



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Summary (200 words, 10 marks)

Use what you learned about writing a good summary in Workshop 2 to summarise your paper here.



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Introduction (500 words, 15 marks)

Use what you learned in Workshop 2 to structure your introduction.



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Methods (250 words, 15 marks)

Recall from Workshop 2 that you need to be precise. It is vital to convey exactly what you did, in a manner that makes it possible for someone else to repeat it.  You also need to be concise, so you are expected to cite published sources for any routine methods that you have used, instead of describing them in detail.



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Results (250 words, 20 marks)

Present what you found clearly and precisely.  Include (paste in) high quality figures and tables to show your findings with maximum clarity.  Remember not to confuse results presented in this section with the implications of these findings that belong in the Discussion section.



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Discussion and Conclusions (800 words, 25 marks)

What are the implications of what you found? Refer back to topics & hypotheses mentioned in the Introduction and cite (reference) relevant publications.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of your data? What follow-up work would you recommend? This section should NOT introduce any new information from within your study – all relevant information should have been introduced before this section.



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References (5 marks)


List (paste in) any publications and websites that you have cited in your paper here, using the Harvard (York) bibliographic format from EndNote Web (Workshop 1).