Exam: Managing for Value Creation

You must start and complete your exam within these three hours outlined. All other conditions remain the same.

Academic Integrity Declaration

By commencing and/or submitting this assessment I agree that I have read and understood the University’s policy on academic integrity.Links to an external site.

I also agree that:

  1. Unless paragraph 2 applies, the work I submit will be original and solely my own work (cheating);
  2. I will not seek or receive any assistance from any other person (collusion) except where the work is for a designated collaborative task, in which case the individual contributions will be indicated; and,
  3. I will not use any sources without proper acknowledgment or referencing (plagiarism).
  4. Where the work I submit is a computer program or code, I will ensure that:
    1. any code I have copied is clearly noted by identifying the source of that code at the start of the program or in a header file or, that comments inline identify the start and end of the copied code; and
    2. any modifications to code sourced from elsewhere will be commented upon to show the nature of the modification.

This exam opens at 12.00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)  in Canvas (lms.unimelb.edu.au). The exam must be completed and submitted by 6.00 PM AEST. This exam has 180 minutes of writing time. You have a 6-hour window in which to complete and submit the exam.