Examples of Barriers to Entry

Purpose: Barriers to entry are factors that make it difficult for new firms to enter the market. In addition to trade barriers (e.g., tariffs vs. non-tariffs entry barriers), there are market and industry related entry barriers. These entry barriers make a global market less competitive. It is critical for an entrepreneur to be aware of and cope with these barriers.

With the completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

1. Recognize a variety of global market entry barriers

2. Understand the dynamics of these entry barriers

3. Analyze and evaluate the impact of these entry barriers

4. Form strategy to cope with these entry barriers


1. Read this article: Examples of Barriers to Entry



2. Choose one of the entry barriers from this list:

a. Explain what it is

b. This entry barrier has most significant impact on what type of industry or company? Why?

PS: You should read more references (beyond this article) to enrich your understanding of this topic.

3. Strategic thinking:

(Provide one business example/ company case that experiences this entry barrier; or business news related to this topic)

a. Background introduction about the example/ case/ news

b. What exactly happened? How did the company deal with it? What were the consequences?

c. Your analysis/evaluation of the firm/ news in terms of the strategy made to cope with this entry barrier.

d. Provide statistics, company or market data to support your points

4. Reflection and application:

a. How would you apply this knowledge to your term project, your entrepreneur proposal?

b. Based on your product and the industry you are in, which entry barrier you are most likely to encounter? Why?

c. How would you cope with this entre barrier? What is your strategy?

Submission format:

1. ppt slides

2. Informative and visual

3. Make a thought provoking/creative/interesting title of your file name.

4. Due date as shown on iLearn.

5. Post your ppt in “Forum”, creating an open resource that you all can share and learn form each other!

6. Earn extra Participation points by responding to your peer’s post. You can ask questions, add insights, or offer different perspectives. Your feedback needs to add value, but not just “I agree” or “I disagree” comments.