Executive Summary And Reflection Journal: Action Planning

Executive Summary

The MBA course provided by Walden University, has improved my understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader as well as provide me with resources to strengthen leadership skills that I lacked prior to finishing the MBA program. The content, conceptual ideas, frameworks, tools, and assignments that have had the greatest impact to me were:

· Climate for Creativity; In this course I learned the importance of facilitating creativity among those in the workplace to foster innovation ideas. Furthermore, I learned that the lack of creativity can hinder innovation and delay a company’s success. I have never really thought about the importance of providing employees with an environment to be creative. When I thought of leadership, I thought of leaders telling their employees what to do and the employee just does what’s asked of them. Creativity in the workplace allows employee to think outside of the box and add insightful innovation ideas to company. *Add reference

· Analyzing Annual Reports; In this assessment, I got the chance to dissect annual reports, gaining knowledge of the four types of financial statements and how they relate to each other. I also learned how to really go through an annual report, looking at its basic components and look for identify current trends and objectives about the company. As well as how to analyze annual reports of competitors, to gather information for their development of tactical options and strategies. *Add reference

· Developing Individual Employees; One of the most important aspects of a success company is its employee. A company cannot run without employees and successful company have qualified employees who interact in an effective way with consumers. This course taught me how to not only attract and maintain highly qualified employees but develop those employees to achieve their performance goals. *Add reference

I anticipate my improved understanding to have a significant impact on the value I bring to an organization and the world at large, enabling me to bring about a positive social change. I have a better understanding of the way people think and effective strategies to use when interacting with people. I now understand that leadership is not about dictating tasks to others, but rather working alongside others to achieve a common goal. I have a better understanding of how to relate to different personalities effectively. As well as being able to solve problems, while working through disagreements; all while maintaining self-control.