Explain The Christian Concept Of Liturgy, Including An Evaluation Of Good Worship.

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1)Lumen Gentium


2)Nostra Aetate


3) Dei Verbum


4)Spirit of the liturgy Section 4, chapter 2, 171-194 (ATTACHED)

5) Bible ( Genesis 1, Gospel of Mathew, Gospel of john)

6) A biblical commentary


-Ensure that you are discussing a theological issue that we addressed in class and which is related to the essay question. State and describe this issue in your intro and return to it in your conclusion. (ten points)

-Aim for 5 paragraphs in the body of your essay, each with a main point that supports the argument of your essay. Each main point should be supported with a reference to our class readings and / or course material. You should include at least one biblical reference and at least one additional reference from our class readings or materials in the essay. Try to reference a reading or class material for each of your main points. (ten points for each main point / paragraph = 50 points)

-Explain what you learned about the topic in your own words. Do not just drop theological terms or quotes into your essay without explaining in your own words. You need to show your personal understanding of the concepts. (20 points)

-Explain / introduce your sources: What is the Bible? What what Vatican II? Why is the source relevant to Christian theology? etc. (10 points)