external role-players that need information from an organization

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1.1 Name three external role-players that need information from an organization.

1.2 Also name the type of information needed by each.

2 Why is a workload chart very useful when developing new systems?

3 Name three different types of information systems and the organisational level that it is used at.

4 How is the flow of information influenced by structure and culture in an organization?

5 Name three factors that must be taken into account when organizing a meeting by way of video conferencing.

6 Give examples of how legal requirements, regulations or the organization’s constitution can have an effect on organizing events such as a conference, banquet congress, or seminar.

7 Why is determining your audience an important step in the communication process?

8 Name three devices that make use of wireless transmission.

9.1 Explain the difference between a star network and a ring network.

10 Why is it important to compile an agenda for a meeting?