Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing 7094MAA Module Title: Global Engineering Strategy Assignment Brief




Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing

7094MAA Module Title: Global Engineering Strategy


Assignment Brief


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Global Engineering Strategy



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Coursework 2

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R Anderson

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Estimated Time (hrs):  42


Word Limit*: 3,000-3,500 words




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% of Module Mark


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Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

3. Within a global context, apply the concepts underpinning the theory of manufacturing strategy from the perspective of assessing how manufacturing strategy can contribute to business performance and competitive advantage,

4. Evaluate individual elements of a manufacturing strategy, and with this knowledge/capability, be able to develop a manufacturing strategy through the use of a conceptual framework or methodology.

5. Demonstrate critical global strategic capability to potentially improve a manufacturing company’s business performance through the successful application to the assignment case study of theory, knowledge, and appropriate analytical and deductive skills developed during the module. The outcome will be justified improvements to the strategies of the case manufacturing company.













Task and Mark distribution:

7094MAA – Global Engineering Strategy

Semester 2 2019-20


Coursework 2 (64% of Module Mark)

**Read and Adhere To All Requirements**


This individual assignment requires research. Based on a company’s manufacturing site of your choice (as per accompanying instructions) you are required to design a manufacturing strategy for it.

Required layout- Manufacturing Strategy Document (a summary of your design decisions), followed by the body of the assignment text based on the Terry Hill Model.  The report structure should be exactly as below and follow the format of the marking scheme.  There will be a 10% penalty if this is not done.

1)      Manufacturing Strategy Document –  To be a 1 – 2 page statement of the final manufacturing strategy proposed for the SBU I division (summarized from the design developed in part 2, The Assignment Text, below), and to include decisions, as appropriate, relating to the following issues (a list which can be extended):                                                                                             5%


a)      Process choice

i)       Choice of process

ii)      Role of inventory

iii)    Make or buy

iv)    Capacity (size, timing, location)


b)      Infrastructure

i)        Function support

ii)      Manufacturing planning and control systems

iii)     Quality assurance and control

iv)     Manufacturing systems engineering

v)      Clerical procedures

vi)     Salary I wage agreements

vii)   Work structuring

viii)Organisation structure                                            


2)      The Assignment  Text– This is the body of the report, and should include:


a)    Development I completion of SBU I Division objectives and strategies which support corporate level objectives and strategies.  Relating this to the Terry Hill model, the outputs of your work in this section will include Company Objectives, Marketing Strategies, and justified Order Winners. This will require the application of appropriate theory, including strategic concepts. (It is expected that this will represent approximately 15-25% of the assignment text)                                   20%

b)     Based on the above, design the manufacturing strategy, to include:                  53%

i)     Discussion of options (alternative designs) for each of the 12 elements

ii)    Reasons as to why you have selected a particular option for each of the elements

(Evidence of application of appropriate theory in i) and ii) is required)

c)    Compare your proposed manufacturing strategy with the deduced existing strategy, and comment                                                                                                                                                      5%

d)   For your manufacturing strategy to be effectively realised, discuss the associated implementation and communication issues                                                                                                        7%

e)    Propose relevant evaluation measures for your strategy                                        5%

f)     Recognition of, and methods of ensuring that, this strategy remains current within a changing environment                                                                                                                          5%



1.            It is important to demonstrate the application of theory, the development of options, and justified selections

2.            You are required to develop/complete the SBU I division objectives and strategies, and then to design (not report on) its manufacturing strategy.

You will get no marks for just restating the actual or presumed current strategy.




A Manufacturing Company (or an SBU within a holding company) of Your Choice


a.      Constraints:

a)      Currently trading

b)      A European Union, North/South American, Australian, Japanese, or Indian manufacturing site (location of Head Office/ownership not important)

c)      Site employees no more than 1000 (total Group employees may be more than this)

d)      Not in the automotive sector

e)      Not high volume production, for example mobile phones or domestic appliances, where “line” or “continuous” production is specified throughout the manufacturing process.  It is acceptable to select a site/product where “line” or “continuous” production is specified in part of the process.

f)       In addition to the listing below, not a publically available case study, or one referred to or used during the module. (You will get zero marks if you use such a company)





b.      Excluding the following companies:

*** You are to reserve a company, and the chosen manufacturing site, for your research by posting it on the “Coursework 2 company reservation” forum on the Module web. Please ensure the company site chosen is not already reserved by another student (read the forum), nor listed below on the restricted companies list, nor is a publically available case study, and was not used during the Module.  If you select an excluded company by not doing this, or by ignoring this instruction, you will get zero marks

(Please note that you take responsibility for the appropriateness of your choice in terms of meeting the constraints in section 1.)***



3)      Some data sources (for company, market, customer, competitor, and product analysis- understanding of ALL of these is important):


Company Report and Accounts



Business Source Complete

Etc …


4)      Assignment length: 3,000-3,500 words, excluding in-text references and reference listing.  The net word count is to be shown at the end of the document.  If the higher figure is exceeded, the “excess” text will not be marked.

In text references are required, and to be in CUHarvard style.  Information about CUHarvard can be found on Moodle.



5)      Submission: To be submitted through Turnitin by 6.00 pm on 6th April 2020.


R Anderson

28th February 2020







A.W. Precision Limited – Coventry- Uk

ABB group – Leeds – UK

Abbey Manufacturing Stationers – Staines –on-Thames

Abercrombie& Fitch Co – Manhattan – Usa

ABG Creative Geosynthetics Engineering-Meltham -UK

Accrol Paper Ltd. – Lancashire – UK

Accsys Technologies PLC – Arnhem – Netherlands

Adam Carpets Limited (Uk)


Advanced Medical solutions, Winsford, Cheshire UK

Airbus Helicopter UK – Kidlington, Oxford –  UK

Airspring Furniture Limited

Alstons Upholstery Ltd – Essex – Uk

Altek Manufacturing- Washington- Usa

Amazone (Agricultural Company)

American Plastic Toys Inc. – Michigan – USA

Anderson-Sheppard Suit Company

Argus Media – London – United Kingdom

ARM – Cortex A76

Artcraft Pty. Ltd- Hallam – Australia

Art’s Way Manufacturing – West Union – Usa

Austal Ships Pty Ltd – Henderson – Australia

Austal USA LLC, mobile Alabama, USA


Azimut Yachts-Benetti Shipping

BA Components-Doncaster-UK

Bae Systems (Typhoon (Combat Aircraft))

BASF plc –Grimsby- UK

BASF–Bradford– UK

Bassett Furniture- Virginia- Usa

Beatson Clark – Rotherham


Bemis company-Bemis Europe–Swansea  UK

Benchmark Electronics – Texas

Big Ass Fans company-Lexington-US

Blue Diamond Uk Ltd

BMC Swizterland

Bombardier – Belfast – Uk

Boots No7- Nottingham- UK

Bottega veneta-Paris-France

Bowman Power Group Limited Company (Southampton  UK)

Bpi – Films (British Polythene Idustries/Films) Windsor . Uk

Bristol Wardrobe & Alcove Company – Bristol – Uk

Brompton Cycles – London

Brooks Brothers-New York-America

Brooks England – Smethwick – England

Burgess & Leigh Ltd – Middleport, UK

Burgess Furniture Ltd – Feltham – England

Canon Inc. Camera —-Japan

Caperton furniture works USA

CAPTEC LTD. Hampshire – UK

Cartier manufacturing unit, La Chaux- De-Fonds, Switzerland.


Cement Roadstone Co – Ireland


Christian Louboutin – Paris – France

Christopher Ward SA – Bienne



Cleveland Cable Company, Middlesbrough, Uk

Clipper Windpower , Iowa,  Usa

Cochin Shipyard Limited – Ernakulam- India

Connor Solutions Ltd-Houghton-le-Spring- England

CRDM – Quickparts UK / 3D Systems – High Wycombe – England

Curzonia Ltd – Romania

Dams International Ltd – Liverpool – UK

Db Shoes Ltd – Northamptonshire – Uk

Dell Company- Austin USA

DiDi handmade jewellery – Suffolk – UK

Dorset Orthopaedic – London – Uk

Dr Martens Airwair International – Northampton – Uk

Dupont Latour Ltd.- Purley, Surrey – Uk

Duresta Upholstery Limited – Cardiff, Wales – Uk

Eaton MEDC – Sutton in Ashfield

Electroimpact – Mukilteo, Washington – Usa

Elite Office Furniture uk Ltd – Goole, East Yorkshire – UK


Etl Systems Ltd.-Herefordshire-Uk

Etymotic Research — Elk Grove — Usa

Express Transformers & Control Ltd


Finkeldei Polstermöbel Gmbh – Nieheim – Germany

FlexEJ – Stourbridge – Dudley, U.K



Fylde Guitars – Penrith – United Kingdom

Gardner Aerospace Wales

GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft – Düsseldorf- Germany.

General Cable, Kentucky, Usa

George Barnsdale & Sons Ltd – Lincolnshire – Uk

Gerresheiveer Regensburg GmbH – Pfreimd

Get Laid Beds – Leicester-United Kingdom

Giuseppe Zanotti Design, San Mauro Pascoli, Italy

Giusto Manetti Battiloro S.p.A. – Florence – Italy

Glashütte Original – Dresden -Germany

Glashütte Original -Glashütte-Germany

Greek Handmade frames_Athens_Greece

Greentom — located in Maastricht Netherlands

H&M – Moradabad, India

Haier America – South Carolina – USA

Hamanaka Chain Mfg.Co., Ltd. Japan

Harden Furniture-New York-Usa

Harley Davidson  -Milwaukee Usa

Harris Signs- Coventry – UK

harro höfliger verpackungsmaschinen gmbh Germany

Harry Dolby Engineers – Leicester

Hawkins Cookers Ltd – India

Hayward Tyler – Luton – United Kingdom

Hendrick Manufacture- Carbondale, Pa – United States

Herman Miller- melksham ,uk

Hermès – Paris, France

Hillarys Blind Ltd -Nottingham-Uk

Hitachi Group-Tokyo-Japan

Hitachi Medical Systems-Ohio-Usa


Hooker Furniture Corporation –  Virginia, USA

Hope Technology – Barnoldswick

Horizon Fitness – Johnson Health Technology Company Ltd

Hoshino Gakkii Group INC-Nagoya-Japan


Hublot – Nyon – Switzerland

Hugo Boss – Metzingen – Germanysubsea 7 -London – Uk

Hynudai Heavy Industries-Ulsan-South Korea


IEH Corporation – New York


Infosys- India (failed – software company+location)

Intermarine S.p.A. , Sarzana, Italy

International Paint, Gateshead Uk


Jaeger-  lecoultre in Le Sentier (Switzerland)

JCB – Uttoxoter UK

Jcb Drive Train Systems- Wrexham-Uk

Kelvin Kbb Limited – Glasgow – UK


Killgerm Group Ltd- Ossett- Uk

Kittinger Company – Furniture – Usa,Ny

Komatsu-Marubeni- Durham- Uk

Korres Co. – Athens

Kozeesleep Beds -West Yorkshire – Uk

KyungDong Navien  — Rotherham — UK

Lazboy – Neosho(Mo) – Usa

Lazboy -Dayton(Tn)-Usa

Le Locle – Switzerland

Lenovo – Hampshire – UK

Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd

Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Ltd, Oswestry, Uk


Lloyd Shoes GmbH – Bremen

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company – Pinellas Park – Usa



Magor Designs Limited – Neath – Uk

Malmark –Pennsylvania –USA

Man Diesel & Turbo-Deggendorf-Germany

Manchester Wood, Inc.- Granville,New York – Usa

Manolucci – New York – USA

Maynard And Harris (Newco) Limited

Mec, Mayville Wisconsin, Usa

Mecalac – Coventryel Bernie Company – California, USA

Napol Arredamenti S.P.A – Godega – Italy

Natural Windows Limited-Acton, London- Uk

New Pig Limited- Glasgow-Uk

Nfm Technologies-Lyon-France

Nikko Company – Ishikawa


Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke (NSW), Germany

Nordic Yards Wismar GmbH-Wismar-Germany

Northrop Grumman Integrated Assembly Line, Palmdale, CA. U.S.A.

Ocean Fast Luxury Yachts PTY LTD Henderson AUSTRALIA

Oliver Valves Limited – Knutsford – Uk

Online Electronics Ltd (OEL) – Aberdeen, UK

Orient Watch Co., Ltd. – Tokyo, Japan

Panasonic – Kadoma City – Japan

Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd. –Himeji Plant –Japan

Patek Philippe – GENEVA

Pentel (Stationary).ltd – South Marston Park – UK

Perkins Engines Company Limited_ Peterborough_ United Kingdom

Permanoid Cable Manufactures, Manchester, Uk

Pfeil Gmbh From Eisingen

Polaroid Corporation-Minnesota-Usa



Precision Aerospace Corporation – Michigan

Princess Yachts Company – Plymouth – United Kingdom

Prism Power Group Limited – Hertfordshire – United Kingdom

Questcor PharmaceuticaLs – Anaheim

Raleigh Bicycle Company -Nottingham, Uk

Razer Inc -California – Us

Revival Beds-Nottinghamshire-Uk

Rilco Manufacturing Company – Houston USA

Rimowa- Kolner- Germany

Robert Loomes & Co – England, Stamford

Roots – York, Ontario, Canada

Rosehill Furniture Limited – Cheshire – UK

Roundband Ltd -Doncaster

Rustler Yachts -Falmouth -Uk

Sasebo Heavy Industries -Sasebo-Japan

Senvion SA – Luxembourg

Sewport – london – uk

Shearer’s Ugg – Sydney – Australia

ofa Workshop -Long Eaton-Uk

Sony – Pencoed – Wales



Stahl- Und Apparatebau Hans Leffer Gmbh & Co. Kg

Standvik Coromant – Halesowen – Uk

Steelcase Werndl Ag-Rosenheim-Germany

Sulzer – Wexford – Ireland

Sun Plastics Ltd – Chelmsford -UK

Sunseeker International – Poole

Super Steel-Milwaukee – Wisconsin-USA

Superglass holdings – Stirling – UK

Symphony Holdings Limited – Barnsley – Uk

TAGHeuer La Chox De Fonds Switzerland

Takeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd. – Sakaki – Japan


Tg Manufacturing-Michigan-Usa

The Garland Company – Cleveland, oh – USA

The Japan Steel Works Ltd.(Muroran Plant) – Hokkaido – Japan

The Quality Furniture Co Ltd   ,Lincolnshire – UK

Thrustmaster- La Gacilly- France

Thyssenkrupp (elevator manufacture division)-Chicago-United States

Tiger – Osaka – Japan

Totech Co Ltd-Yokohama-Japan

Treehouse Labs – Austin Tx – USA


Ttchmarsh & Goodwin, suffolk ,uk

United-Technologies – Hartford —— Connecticut —— United States

Vale Bridgecraft – West Yorkshire – Uk

VARTA Storage GmbH – Nördlingen -Germany

Vecheron Constantin – Geneva – Switzerland

Wacom Co. Ltd.,Saitama, Japan

Weiss Company watchLos Angeles, California USA

WelBeck Tiles – Cornwall (UK)

Wemafa Polstermoebel – Kirchlengern – Germany

Wienerberger – Tamworth

Woodstock Leabank Office Furniture Distributors – Bredbury – Uk

wordsworth (UK)

Yanagisawa Wind Instruments – Tokyo – Japan

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics – Miamisburg,Ohio – Usa



Zoltek–St. Louis–Usa

Zwilling J.A. Henckels – Solingen- Germany







1.Manufacturing Strategy Document – Summary statement of the designed manufacturing strategy for the chosen company.

The Strategy Document should state your design decisions associated with the 12

elements identified in the question.                                                                                                               5


2.The Assignment Text

Extent of appropriate research on the chosen company, its competitors, its products, its markets, its customers, and its sector trends                                                                                                                    5

Development and completion of justified and appropriate company objectives and strategies, marketing strategies, and order winners.                                                                                               10

Application of strategic concepts and theory          (This is not a section in your report.  It is the marker’s assessment of this)                                                                                                                            5

Understanding and use of the Terry Hill Model (This is not a section in your report.  It is the marker’s assessment of this)                                                                                                                                             10

Discussion of options for each of the manufacturing strategy elements                                              16

Justified selection for each element (from the options identified)                                                         22

(The above 2 would not be separate sections in your text, but you would deal with them together for each strategy element)

Application of appropriate theory (This is not a section in your report.  It is the markers assessment of this)                                                                                                                                                                         5

Depth and breadth of relevant comments in comparing your proposed manufacturing strategy with the deduced existing manufacturing strategy                                                                                                   5

Relevant recommendations for the implementation of your proposed manufacturing strategy.                                                                                                                                                                                        4

Relevant communication recommendations associated with the implementation of your designed manufacturing strategy.                                                                                                                                    3

Appropriateness of proposed manufacturing strategy evaluation measures.                                    5

Demonstration of the need for the currency of your strategy, and of methods that will help ensure this.                                                                                                                                                                                  5




Suggested TEMPLATE for M69EKM Coursework 2)



 [Type the document title]

[Type the document subtitle]
Charlotte Collins
[Pick the date]

SID number










1 Manufacturing Strategy Document  [5]

Summary statement of the designed manufacturing strategy for the chosen company. The strategy should summarise the detail of the decisions associated with the 12 elements identified in the question.  It can be in text or table form.

2 Company/market/business background [5]

Demonstrate appropriate research on the chosen company, its competitors, its products, its markets, its customers, and its sector trends.

3 Development and completion of justified and appropriate company objectives and strategies. [15]

Development and completion of justified and appropriate company objectives and strategies. As a result of your research, you will be able to identify some company objectives.  You will need to complete this listing to provide a minimum of 2 financial and 2 strategic company objectives.  You will do this by applying appropriate theory from the “Introduction to Strategy” and “Corporate and Company Objectives and Strategies” sections in the notes (plus additional reading/research) to your company’s situation (i.e., its external and internal environment) You should demonstrate the thinking process and the application of theory that lead YOU towards stating these company objectives.  Develop and justify and finally clearly state those objectives.  In addition you will develop justified marketing strategies and order winners.

Ensure that you demonstrate the application of theory, including strategic concepts.

4 Design of manufacturing strategy elements (including assessment of options and justified selections)  [53]

T.Hill’s model describes specific strategy elements you should consider in your manufacturing strategy development process. Identify and discuss options, for EACH of the manufacturing strategy elements, and justify the selection for each element (from the options you have identified).

In addition to demonstrating your understanding of the logic associated with the Terry Hill model, demonstrate which additional supplementary theories of manufacturing you have applied in your analysis that have helped lead you to your justified selection of the options for each of your manufacturing strategy elements.

5 Depth and breadth of relevant comments in comparing the proposed manufacturing strategy with the deduced existing manufacturing strategy [5]

Clearly compare YOUR proposed manufacturing strategy with the deduced existing manufacturing strategy (preferably table). What are the major differences and why?

6  Identification of relevant recommendations for the implementation of the proposed manufacturing strategy [4]

Identify the key issues in the implementation of your manufacturing strategy, and draft an outline implementation plan.

7 Identification of relevant recommendations associated with communication issues in your implementation process. [3]

Good strategy is one that all stakeholders in your organisation follow. Present how you would communicate your strategy to the company and affected stakeholders in a way that would best ensure successful implementation.

8 Appropriateness of proposed strategy evaluation measures [5]

Just as for SMART objectives, your strategy must have measurable elements. Demonstrate how you are going to monitor the appropriateness, and the degree of successful implementation of your strategy.

9 Demonstrate the need for the currency of the strategy, and of methods that will help ensure this. [5]

Why is this necessary, and how you will ensure that your strategy maintains its currency in future years.





R Anderson

















1.      You are expected to use the CUHarvard referencing format. For support and advice on how this students can contact Centre for Academic Writing (CAW).

2.      Please notify your registry course support team and module leader for disability support.

3.      Any student requiring an extension or deferral should follow the university process as outlined here.

4.      The University cannot take responsibility for any coursework lost or corrupted on disks, laptops or personal computer. Students should therefore regularly back-up any work and are advised to save it on the University system.

5.      If there are technical or performance issues that prevent students submitting coursework through the online coursework submission system on the day of a coursework deadline, an appropriate extension to the coursework submission deadline will be agreed. This extension will normally be 24 hours or the next working day if the deadline falls on a Friday or over the weekend period. This will be communicated via email and as a CUMoodle announcement.



Mark allocation guidelines to students (to be edited by staff per assessment)

0-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70+ 80+
Work mainly incomplete and /or weaknesses in most areas Most elements completed; weaknesses outweigh strengths Most elements are strong, minor weaknesses Strengths in all elements Most work exceeds the standard expected All work substantially exceeds the standard expected