Family And Child Week 8

Name______________________________________________ Date:_________________________________

Psych 441: Age 14 in America- Notes Handout (Note if this is the same teen you observed at Age 7.)

Teen/Teens: __________________________________________________________________________

1.Brief description of the teen’s current context and environment. Does the teen report or convey any thoughts about changes in family structure since age 7?

2. What are some of the changes you observe? Any surprises based on Age 7 video?

What aspects of the teen’s temperament appear to have remained stable?

2.What supports and resources does the teen appear to currently have? What are the teen’s stressors (normative or non-normative)?

3.Do you have concerns about the teen? If yes, list an example or reason why you have concerns. Do these concerns (if any) differ from Age 7?

4.What questions do you have about the teen?

5.What question might you ask this teen?

6. What would be your prediction for how this teen will be doing at age 21?

Other comments in terms of expression of adolescent self or other developmental observations: (Use other side of paper)