Film Analysis Paper

Conduct a five (5)-page, apprimately1500 word analysis of a specific portion of a film, and explain how it produces significant meaning. YOU CANNOT SELECT FROM THE COURSE’S SCREENING LIST. The portion of a film may be a single shot, or a short sequence of shots. It is highly recommended that you focus on a portion that is as small as possible. The “meaning” that you choose to write about should make key contributions to one’s understanding of the shot or the film as a whole. Explain, for instance, how filmmaking techniques have been used to:Construct a portrait of a character, or posit a worldviewReinforce a themeEstablish moods or emotions, and so on…(Do not treat this list as a “checklist.” You can use one, all, or none of these suggestions.)ASSESSMENT CRITERIASee Criteria for Shot Analysis Paper.