Film Appreciation

Essay Questions: Writing Assignment One

Choose one of the following three questions to write a 1,000 word essay.


Choose a film released after 2015. Analyse the marketing, promotion and release strategies   the distributors used to appeal to an audience (based on Chapter 1)


Analyse and interpret two excerpts from movies of your choice. One must display   naturalistic mise-en-scene and the other must contain expressive mise-en-scene.   Compare and contrast the styles. How do the directors present alternate mise-en-scene   (lighting/characterization/props/costume) for their distinct aims? (based on chapter 3)


What are some of the advantages that new digital cinematography has over traditional film   cinematography? (studied in chapters 3 and 4)


For these questions, develop a clear position and support this position with relevant examples.   Use film language in the development of your answer and make your answer coherent for the   reader to understand. You may use images in your essays, but use them sparingly.

Please submit the essays using the MLA style.

Please refer to the course syllabus for information on how the essay is graded.


Information on first draft

Your first draft is due before 10:00am on Wednesday 15th September . Drafts must be submitted   via D2L. You will receive feedback based on what you submit. If you miss the deadline, you receive   no feedback.