Final Anthology Project

ENGL 1230W

Final Anthology Project (20%)


The final writing project for this course will take shape as a classroom compilation of cultural and intellectual works pertaining to feminist and queer studies, writ large. You will construct a unit for the anthology that is comprised of 4 entries: a 1-page critical introduction that articulates the rationale and theme(s) of your unit, followed by 3 individual analytical entries (2-3 pages each; or approximately 500 words) that apply to your unit’s topic.


This writing should not be a mere summary of the text(s); rather, it should be reflective of the kind of critical thinking that you have already exhibited in your facilitation handouts and mid-term essays. The selected texts (or images, music, films, etc.) for your individual entries may vary in form or genre, but the overarching unit itself should be centered on a singular topic. A few examples of topics include theory, history, poetics, love, sex, the erotic, education, religion, medical science and health, diaspora, activist praxis, motherhood, abolition, environmental studies, the law, futurity, film, music, or visual art, among others. You may refer back to the organization of This Bridge Called My Back as an example for this assignment.


Overall, this assignment will have you personally develop roughly 8 pages of writing with an eye towards curating and tending to issues of feminist and/or queer thought. This project will necessarily help you develop research in a critical area, serve as a foundation for further reading and learning, aid in the development of your particular field of study, and/or spark your interest in developing the skill set to curate collections, anthologies, and edited volumes.