Final Campaign Plan

Complete Assignment: Submit Your Final RFP


With your partner, you have been working on the RFP/Case Study (either the Library case or Picky Bars)  you selected. Now, it’s time to complete and submit your final campaign plan.

Submit your completed 15-20 PPT campaign plan in PDF format. You will be graded on the overall strength of your recommendations, insights, considerations, creativity, persuasive organization, clarity of writing, and your final presentation of your RFP as presented to your classmates via Zoom.

Presentation Schedule

Each group will present for 10 minutes.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7


Final Plan

You will be graded on the overall strength of your recommendations, insights, considerations, creativity, persuasive organization, clarity of writing and final in-class presentation.

There is no template for a client presentation in the real world.  Below is an example of how you

might organize and layout the minimum core components with suggested length:

Executive Summary (1 slide)

Quick hits of key information highlighting overall plan

Business Situation (1-3 slides)

Synthesized Summary of your market research, SWOT

Background and Market Dynamics

Target Audience description & 1 persona Consumer Insight

Campaign Goal, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, (3-8 slides )  the sales funnel can help guide your metrics at each stage which can be listed as KPIs


KPIs/Metrics via the marketing funnel or by marketing function that help measure progress toward your objective

1 Marketing Goal

1 -2 SMART objectives that drive the overarching campaign

3-5 Marketing Strategies/Corresponding Tactics (3-5 slides) Success Measurement and Evaluation (1 slide)

Brand (1-3 slides)

Value Proposition — What is the campaign/product promising consumers

Brand Positioning — How your campaign/product  positions itself versus the competition Creative Platform (1-2 slides)

Key Messages

Look and feel of the approach you are taking with samples

Campaign Calendar (1 slide) with Media schedule included

Test Plans and Timing (1 slide)

Budget (1 slide)

Paid media percentages per channel Pie chart(s) with:

Appendices (does not count toward page length)

References (at least 10)

SWOT analysis

Class Presentation

Create a 5-7 minute presentation, highlighting your plan to your classmates via a live Zoom session. Develop a narrative that highlights key aspects of your campaign. Use the content/storytelling lectures to guide you. Key elements are outlined below:

Business Situation

Target Audience

Goal, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

Executive Summary  from plan highlighting: (2-3 Slide)

Executive Summary from plan highlighting: (2 3 Slide)

Key Highlights of Plan and Creative Platform (2-4 Slides)


Your assignment will be graded using the rubric below.

How to Submit

Submit your assignment in the TurnItIn submission box below. Further instructions for TurnItIn are available for download as a PDF .

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