Final Project

The research question for this project will examine how poverty effects and children adolescents’ experiences at school.

Introduction and overview”

A.  Explanation of Poverty throughout the United States

i.  Key Definitions

ii.  What is poverty?

iii.  The risk factors and stressor children struggle due to poverty.

a. Learning Gap/ School Achievements/ Cognitive Lags

b. Emotional Stressor

c. Social Challenges


i.  What is poverty and the meaning in the United States

ii.  The threshold of being considered living in poverty.

iii. The six different types of poverty.

a. Rural poverty

b. Situational poverty

c. Generational poverty

d. Absolute poverty

e. Relative poverty

f. Urban poverty


2. Poverty: Problems Children Face Related to Poverty “Challenges”

i.  Chronic and Acute Stressors

ii.  Social, emotional, and cognitive impact.


3.The impact poverty have on learning

i.  Poverty’s Impact in Schools

ii.  School Readiness

iii.  Academic Experiences living in poverty.

iv.  College and career readiness

4. Responses and movements for change

5. Conclusion

i.  Organizations recommendation for change

ii.  What is next the step to improve poverty amongst children and adolescents.