Final Project Poster & Documentation

Final   Project         Poster          &           DocumentaAon     (in           groups          3-4)   

Semester     1,        2021  (total of           35%worth)  

Poster  due       date:    Week   11,        Friday 23         April     2021     at          11:00pm                                                                                                                                                                                                            worth: 10%     

DocumentaAon            due       date:    Week 12,        Friday  30         April     2021     at 11:00pm                                                                                                                                                                             worth:25%

Final Project Details

Please read the below project details carefully which is outlined in the following two pages.

Poster (10%)

Each     group   should provide             their poster  in          format of          PowerPoint slides   in          Week   11.        Each student             in          a           group   must contribute        to          this       task.     The power-point    slide     or          any       other poster  tools     or          plaHorms         can be         used.    The       poster  is expected          to          be         maximum 2           pages   in          PowerPoint      slides format.

The       poster  structure          should roughly             be         the       same    as your     assignment      documentaJon. You       can       also      use       the Student’s          Virtual Desktop            to access  MS        PowerPoint      tool.     The main    concepts           to          cover   are the       updated            MOV    and scope,  required           Jme,     budget, quality,              main    risks     of          the project and       why      do         we        need to          select   your     project (e.g.      the value    that      you       will       bring    to this       project)             and       include your group   names and       student             ids in          the       poster.

Final project details (25%)

In          this       assignment,     it           is assumed           that      the sponsor/tutor has       selected            your team’s project to          be         funded. Therefore,        you       should provide a           detailed            and       updated project management   plan      based   on the       agreement       below  to document        how      the       budget will be         invested            and       what processes         will       be         followed to          ensure a           successful delivery             of          projects’ requirements. This      is           an example           of          real-life pracJcal             learning            since    now your     project is           assumed           to be         funded and       provided           with the       money resource.

“With   the        agreement       that      your              sponsor/tutor  has       reduced              the        project budget by         20%,              has       asked   to          be         a              manager          of          your              project and      bring    his        own              technology       designer           (as              website             and      mobile              applica@on     designer)          and              to          outsource         half      of              your     work    to          their     own              company          called   TECH2021,              you       should consider            the              following          details and              develop             an         updated              and      appropriate     planning              to          meet    the              requirements.”            

Explain how      the       budget reducAon, management  change and       outsourcing will       impact your     project’s           Ame, cost,     scope,  and       quality.             For this       reason,             please  provide a           table/diagram to          present the       effect   of          the       changes in          triple    constraints       including quality.              In          addiJon, explain if           these   changes            will affect   the       iniJal     MOV.   Discuss the project change management  plan      that you       will       consider           to manage            this       change (e.g.      how you       will       consider           changing your     project manager           and technology       designer           and outsourcing     50%      of          your     work to          company          TECH2021,       what the       consequences of          this change will       be         and       what leadership        style     will       be suitable             for        your     case      and why?)

IdenJfy three   major   and       specific conflicts            and       three   major   and specific             ethical issues   that      might arise     and       how      you       are planning           to          manage            them. The       team    should also      provide updated            Gan]     Chart    considering the       changes            made   to          triple constraints       including           the quality.

List        all         the       assumpAons    that you       have     made   for        this project.

Provide             project communicaAon plan     to          manage            all         the communicaJon             channels           (such as          communicaJon             matrix) including           sponsor            and       all internal             and       external stakeholders.   In          your documentaJon,            represent         what procurement   approach          for        each resource           will       be         taken   and why.

Provide             detailed            minutes of          all         your     group   meeAngs in          the       appendices;     including meeJng             date/Jmes,       decision made,  communicaJon             channels, changes            required,          responsibility for        each     group   member           and progress           on         each     task.

For        6678     G           students           only, explain processes         that      required to          complete          your     project (e.g. how      do         we        know    if           the project has       been    completed)      and how      would  you       know    if           your procurement   approach          is           the best      selected            one       (hint: explain for        each     resource separately).


Please  note     the       quality of          the content             will       be         the       main assessment      criteria in          this assignment.

Submission Guidelines

There are variety of professional project documentation templates. You can choose any of them and update it in a professional way according to your project. You are welcome to use any professional structure that fits your project better.

You will be submitting one word document as well as one poster by the due dates below:

  1. Poster due       date:    Week       11,        Friday  23         April       2021     at          11:00pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  2. DocumentaAon due       date:       Week   12,        Friday  30       April     2021     at       11:00pm


  • You should submit them in their appropriate dropbox. Please also note the draft Urkund dropbox is available to check prior to your final submission.
  • You must provide assignment coversheet in the first page of your submission and this is excluded from the page limits.
  • Please name your file as your “studentid1-2-3.doc or .docx”. Only one person in each group will submit their work; however, every group member should keep an electronic copy of their work.
  • Please provide any references that you used to develop your project planning. You should follow an appropriate referencing style.
  • Please check the marking guide provided in Canvas to better understand the requirements.

Page Limit

The final project documentation must not exceed 20 pages for 7173 & 25 pages for 6678G in length which excludes assignment coversheet, tables and diagrams and appendices.