Financial management assignment

1. Provide a brief introduction (around 250 words) which (10%): • a. Introduces your company briefly; • b. Sets out the aim and purpose of the report;
• 2. Break your main body into parts as advised by the questions provided and present your
answers in parts (2,000 words): • a. Annual report analysis and financial statement presentation (15%) • b. Ratio analysis and comments (25%). To calculate the ratios in question 2, please refer to Appendix 1 of this
document and use the table provided as a presentation format. • c. Sources of finance analysis (20%) • d. Beyond Budgeting discussion and evaluation (25%)
• 3. Draw a brief conclusion (around 250 words) (5%). • 4. References: please remember to include, in the references, the hyperlinks of all the annual
financial statements that you have used to calculate the ratios so we can verify your calculations.
In this regard, figures used in ratios must be clearly cross referenced to the financial statements
indicating company names, year, and page numbers. Please remember that any other information
from any sources should be correctly cited


You should identify the Annual reports of a company that has the
following characteristics:
• a. The company is listed in the London Stock Exchange (LSE);
• b. The company belongs to the following super sectors: Technology, Health
Care, Real Estate, Automobiles and Parts, or Retailers.

Annual report analysis

Financial Position
• The Statement of financial position presents information on the financial position of a
company at a time. The balance sheet provides information on a company’s resources (assets)

and its sources of capital (equity and liabilities/debt). • Income Statement
• The income statement presents information on the financial results of a company’s business
activities over a period of time. The income statement communicates how much revenue the
company generated during a period and what costs it incurred in connection with generating
that revenue. Accrual based

• Statement of Cash Flow
• The cash flow statement provides information about a company’s cash receipts and cash
payments during an accounting period. The cash-based information provided by the cash
flow statement contrasts with the accrual-based information from the income statement. This
statement includes three components: cash flow from operating activities, cash flow from
financing activities and cash flow from investment activities. 10