Fire Protection Technology

Many municipalities have private water systems and fire hydrants that connect to the public water system. Private water systems normally provide water to industrial and commercial structures. Will a private water system adequately provide water to a fire protection system? Will a public water system adequately provide water to a fire protection system? Is one better than the other? What are your thoughts?
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When you look at any type of supply system there are going to be many variables that determine the success or failure of the system. With water it is non different. How close are you to the main water source and what else is being pulled from that supply. What type of piping, water pumps and twists and turn have to be made in order for you to receive the finished product.
In a private supply most of these question can be answered by one word, “Money”. In a public sector offering there are going to be many more hurdles to address as you serve a larger area with many more purposes than just fire fighting. If proper updates are being made to the public side it can be a very viable fire fighting water source as we have seen over hundreds of years.
Private sector work tends to be based more on the resources of those wanting the system and what they can afford But as with anything private having the ability to perform well is only as good as the design of the system and availability of the source.
Just think of ares in the country that have water issues but private industry continues to operate fine because of resources. I have never heard of anyone say that you would save many more lives if you privatized the water efforts of the fire fighting system so I say that both work well if properly maintained.