First Generation Immigrant Interview Paper

Research paper: You are to interview a first-generation immigrant. Your interview should include the following questions: Why did the person immigrate to the U.S.? How old was s/he when s/he entered this country? Did s/he speak English when she first arrived, and how did this impact his/her experience? Is his/her culture similar to U.S. culture or not? If so, how is it similar? If not, how is it different? Have the immigrant explain how these similarities and/or differences affected his/her immigration experience. Ask the immigrant to describe experiences with prejudice and discrimination from members of the dominant culture. Did s/he have good experiences with Americans that were not characterized by prejudice and discrimination? Does s/he feel prejudice toward other ethnic or racial groups? How does this affect him/her? If the immigrant has children, have him/her describe any strategies s/he is using in raising them (e.g., teaching them about their original culture, the language, etc. or not?).These are the minimum questions you should ask in your interview; you may add any questions which you feel will improve the quality of your research paper.
Your paper should be 6-8 pages, double-spaced, size 12 font, and should include the questions you asked the immigrant as well as his/her responses. The strongest paper will incorporate information from your text as it is relevant to your research. You should describe the immigrant’s background and immigration experience fully.

Any paper with 50% or more matching to other sources will receive an automatic zero.