FNCE 90018 special exam


Exam instructions – FNCE 90018 Sem 1 2020 special exam

TOTAL MARKS:                                   100

WEIGHT OF FINAL MARK              75%

The exam consists of three sections:

Part A: Multiple-choice questions (34 points)

Question 1-17 are multiple-choice questions worth two marks each. Choose only the correct answer.

Part B: True/false questions (40 points)

Question 18-27 are true/false questions, each worth 4 points.

For each question, state whether the statement is true/false and provide a short explanation.

Part C: Open questions (36 points)

There are three open questions, each consisting of several parts:

  • First open question: Questions 28–30 (3 parts), worth a total of 7 points.
  • Second open question: Questions 31–35 (5 parts), worth a total of 15 points.
  • Third open question: Question 36 (1 part), worth a total of 4 points.