FNCE90016 Mock Quiz

Plagiarism declaration

By submitting work for this quiz I hereby declare that I understand the University’s policy on academic integrityLinks to an external site. and that the work submitted is original and solely my work, and that I have not been assisted by any other person (collusion) apart from where the submitted work is for a designated collaborative task, in which case the individual contributions are indicated. I also declare that I have not used any sources without proper acknowledgment (plagiarism). Where the submitted work is a computer program or code, I further declare that any copied code is declared in comments identifying the source at the start of the program or in a header file, that comments inline identify the start and end of the copied code, and that any modifications to code sources elsewhere are commented upon as to the nature of the modification.


The purpose of the quiz is to ensure that you are familiar with Canvas Quizzes.  Please ensure that you complete this mock quiz prior to taking the mid-semester test.  This Canvas quiz has five questions.  The first question is identical to the unmarked true-false question you will see on the real mid-semester test regarding academic integrity.