Food Essay

Essay #2

Conclusion that announces “BEST” an makes relevant comments about food selection. Remember to include “we” voice in here to involve your audience.

Section on CORPORATE POLICY and ETHICS (2-3 paragraphs)

You’re looking for dirt on the companies here. Lawsuits for sexual harassment or employee mistreatment are always good. Beef slime issues? Cool.

Look for praise, as well…

Section on NUTRITION and CHEMICALS (3-5 paragraphs)

Probably TWO paragraphs on Nutrition

Probably TWO paragraphs on Chemistry

Note that this breakdown will vary depending on your foods. Protein Bars will have more scientific ingredients (i.e., Chemistry) than French Fries. French fries, though, have an ingredient not always acknowledged as an ingredient (it’s a fat stabilizer).

Third Sample

Second Sample

First Sample

Paragraph on how you made the taste test scientifically accurate

Section on TASTE TEST

More paragraphs if necessary, to discuss follow-up tests

Because you’re saving your conclusion/”Best” assertion for the end, your thesis, after the introductory “grabber” at the start of the intro, will focus on how different the “same” foods can be.