General Biology

Dear students please answer the following questions:

1.- If you are using a light microscope with an objective lens of 10 X and its ocular lens is 10 X, what is the total magnification of the image?

2.- What is the function of the revolving nosepiece?

3.- What is the difference between the condenser and the iris diaphragm?

4.- What is the difference between the coarse focus adjustment and fine adjustment knob?

5.- What is the dark field microscope?

6- Define Organic Compounds.

7-Name the most common Organic Compounds.

8-The smallest unit that can carry out all activities associated with life is known as___________________

9- Who was Robert Hooke.

10- Who was Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.

11- Define a Light Microscopes.

12-Define a Electron Microscopes.

13• Name Five different optical systems help biologists study living cells.

14-•Eukaryotic cells are characterized by highly organized and specialized membrane-enclosed organelles. Name the organelles that Eukaryotic Cells have.

15.What is a Prokaryotic Cell?