Global distribution network for pandemic vaccine

Assessment criteria

You are required to submit a 1-page A1 sized poster design proposal along with a one-page handout or three-minute mp3 audio recording justifying your poster content and how it answers the questions. Create a poster that effectively communicates the goals, objectives, methods and results from the brief below. Be prepared to use graphics to their full advantage in communicating your message. Do not try to tell too much!

Assignment Brief

Using appropriate academic research papers, case studies, professional or academic journals to create a one-page poster that illustrates an application of the key concepts needed to create a global distribution network for a recently developed global pandemic vaccine. You decide the most suitable manufacturing locations based on potential demand and availability of existing branded or generic pharmaceutical manufacturing assets. Examples include Phizer, Abbott, Khandelwal Pharma, Lupin, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZenica. Here is a list of potential pharmaceutical manufacturers. Design a global distribution network based on the supply chain of the new vaccine from manufacturing to patients.  Identify important features of their global distribution network by answering the following questions:

  1. Design an appropriate global distribution network for the new vaccine which considers physical characteristics. Ensure you explain your choice of terminal locations. logistics assets and transport modes.                                                                                                       14 marks       (learning outcome 1)
  1. Describe the different types of terminal assets utilised by the various modes in your global distribution network.           10 marks           (learning outcome 1)
  1. Analyse the operational application of the various multi modal transport assets such as trains, ships, road vehicles etc with terminal assets and warehouses within your designed distribution network.           13 marks           (learning outcome 2)
  1. Evaluate the effect of geography, availability of transport and terminal assets on the level of logistics services that can be provided with your designed distribution network.                                          10 marks       (learning outcome 2)
  1. Contrast between the transport, inventory and network concepts used to help decide the inventory location of vaccines and apply them to your designed global distribution network.                      10 marks       (learning outcome 3)
  1. Write a one-sided page handout or three-minute mp3 audio recording explaining your poster’s key design elements and how it answers the questions posed above.                                                10 marks                            (learning outcomes 1, 2 & 3)

Referencing, citations and application of the key concepts as well as the clarity and justification of ideas presented in the poster will be a key factor in the overall grade. Ensure your bibliography of references are on a separate page to your poster.

This assignment will account for 10 credits of the coursework assessment for this module.