Global media: Essay titles for Assignment 2

Global media:

Essay titles for Assignment 2 (counting for 80% of total mark)


Answer any one question from the following. Your essay should be about 2,500 words (NB: the word count excludes the bibliography, notes, tables and any appendixes). The deadline is 7 January 2021 at 13.00 hours. The essay must be submitted electronically, via the TurnItIn link on Blackboard.


1) What evidence is there to suggest hybridization of media and cultural products? Please choose one of the following cases for your analysis: Korean films/TV dramas; Japanese comics; Brazilian soap operas; Bollywood/Hollywood/Nollywood movies; Disney cartoons. You may focus on one film, one TV series or one cartoon only.


2) Discuss how far contemporary globalization is a new phenomenon.


3) What impact have the policies of international institutions such as the World Trade Organization had on global communications?




Marking criteria for essay 2:


1) Your understanding of the general theoretical foundations (30%)


2) Your ability to apply relevant theories to your analysis of a concrete example/specific case chosen (30%)


3) Language (5%)


4) Referencing (15%) (including both in-text referencing and the Bibliography)


5) Structure and logic of the essay (20%)



Note: Please remember an essay is an analysis, an argument supported by evidence, and not a description. Apart from a clear argument, a good essay should be well-written, avoiding superfluous words and colloquial language. It should also have a ‘References’ section which must include every item referred to in the essay. Do not use other people’s words and ideas without acknowledgement. You must submit your paper with a covering form about plagiarism. Please refer to the course outline for grading criteria. The pass mark is 50.