Global Studies Paper

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Format: Times New Roman 12 pts., justified text, 1.5 lines, .pdf format, 500-1,000 words. Include citations as footnotes that won’t count in the total word count.

The assignment will go through blind grading, so don’t include your name.
1) Consult at least TWO major credible news sources, such as the New York Times, BBC, or CNN. One source may be the report of an international organization such as the United Nations, or a non-partisan NGO with verified methodology such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. They must be non-governmental, non-partisan, internationally-ranked, and available in English (it is fine if they originate in another language as long as you attach a translation). Find a report of a human rights problem or policy change.

2) List your sources, including urls and dates consulted, clippings, or transcripts of broadcasts as relevant. (1 point)

3) Write a paragraph each: (3 points for each paragraph)

Paragraph i) Briefly summarize the nature, extent, and impact of the human rights violation:

a. What kind of abuse or label is this according to international standards?

b. How many people and what kind of people are affected, in what locations, and over what time period?

c. What are the consequences for victims and their societies?

Paragraph ii) What do the sources tell us about the root causes of the human rights that are violated? What kind of power structure, inequality, group conflict, ideology, or bias seems to lead to the pattern of abuse (as discussed in lecture)?

Paragraph iii) What steps, if any, have been taken to address it by state reform, international intervention, social movement campaigns (Smith, Kuperman, Quinn, Glasius)? If not, why not [for example, have state reforms recommended by an international body been blocked by a dictator]? Have the steps taken been effective