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applying for an AIU Advantage Grant must submit a minimum 500-word essay on how they intend to use the skills learned at AIU to benefit others and society.

I am in criminal justice classes specialization in forensic science

some classes I have taken as far as the skills learned are :

Medicolegal Death Investigation, Cybercrimes, Forensic Biology,

Aspects of Forensic Psychology, Criminalistics II, Arson Investigation, Aspects of Forensic Psychology

Psychopathology and Criminality, Constitutional Law, Research Methods & Statistics for Criminal Justice, Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedures, Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice, Sociology,

Criminal Investigation, Criminalistics, Foundations of Criminal Justice Systems

Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Computers Lab

Introduction to Criminal Law, Introduction to Law Enforcement

Theories of Crime Causation, Proseminar in Criminal Justice

Ethics and Criminal Justice, Presentation Essentials, Ethics, and Criminal Justice

Introduction to the American Court System, Foundations of Corrections

Academic and Professional Success, cells, Clones, Clots, and Cocaine: The Secrets of Life Science

Aspects of Psychology, Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Theory, Crime Victim Studies, Evidence