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Week 1 Discussion 1

Strategic HR at Netflix

Online movie rental subscription service Netflix utilizes a very nontraditional approach to human resource (HR) management. During the early years of its launch, senior management at Netflix realized that the talent they sought had a multitude of employment opportunities and that Netflix had to offer something distinctive to its recruits and employees if the company were to prosper. Hence, they sought to develop a company culture that attracted individuals who identified with and understood the business, sought a flexible working environment, and wanted to work with other high-performing peers.


Netflix headquarters, unlike that of other technology companies, requires no employee identification badges, has no security checkpoints, and encourages employees to come and go as they please. Participation in meetings is often virtual, at the discretion of the employee, from employee homes, coffee shops, or even employee cars. The CEO himself has no office at headquarters. Netflix has no policy regarding vacation or means by which vacation is “counted”; rather, employees decide how much vacation or other leave to take and when it will be taken. This is a reflection of the company philosophy of focusing on what people get done rather than the amount of time spent working and that creativity, which benefits the employer, is often stimulated outside of the workplace and regular work hours. Similarly, employees have no limits on expense accounts related to travel or entertainment but rather use their own judgment as part of “acting in Netflix’s best interests.”


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· Strategic management is the process of formulating and implementing an action plan to achieve corporate objectives, specifically including:

· How these objectives are to be met.  Keeping that in mind, describe a situation where you or your supervisor needed to create an action plan based on the data provided.

· Was the data quantitative or qualitative?

· Was the decision that was made different than it would have been if it were based on observation alone?

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