grantsmanship Class

Discussion 2 Please elaborate upon the agency, or organization, that you have chosen to assist with the grant writing project for this course.

What is the history, mission, purpose, etc. of that organization or agency?

Discussion 3

Elaborate on the current grant funding that the agency/organization that you have selected is currently receiving today.

What are some of the needs of this organization/agency? What areas of service provision could be enhanced through future funding associated with the grant that you are going to be helping the agency develop?

Discussion 4

Begin thinking of the article that you want to review, found in the announcements area of this course, for your second short essay in this class. How is this article relevant to the organization/agency that you have selected as the focus of your final grant proposal for this course?

Discussion 5

Please elaborate upon the pitfalls and/or challenges that you have run into in the final grant proposal writing process for the final paper for this course. How have you surmounted these obstacles? What were some of the lessons learned?

Discussion 6

Please provide a discussion post updating the class on what stage you are in toward the goal of creating your final paper assignment for this course. Reflect on your progress, to date, and outline your concerns for completing the paper.

Discussion 7

Please provide the class with a main discussion post regarding the best practices of public speaking/giving a PowerPoint presentation. Also, please elaborate on the lessons that you have learned from this course and the way you may apply those lessons on the horizon in your future career.