Group Assignment Case Study Individual Task

  CMSE 11380 Core Competencies for HR Professionals

Assignment 2: Group Project

Component 1 · Group report

· Word count: 4000 words (+/- 10%, excluding references)

· Weighting: 30%

Component 2 · Group presentation

· Length: 10 minutes

· Weighting: 10%

Total Weighting: 40% of the module grade
Submission deadline: 2pm, Friday, November 26, 2021 (Week 10)





· To understand key issues in the development—and success or failure—of employer brand in a complex business context

· To appreciate the implication of employer branding for other HRM activities

· To apply theories and knowledge to address real-world HRM issues

· To develop communication and coordination kills and work effectively as a team

Introduction to the Tasks


Originally pioneered by Harvard business school, case studies are a valuable learning tool for examining strategic and HR issues in business and management studies. They are also a crucial research method used by researchers for providing in-depth insights into complex and multi-faceted phenomenon in relation to strategy and practice appraisal within businesses.

The main goal of this assignment is to evaluate the effectiveness of the employer branding practices in a case company, and offer a more advantageous course of action to the approach taken by the company. Working as a group of consultants (hired by the case company to continue the works on the employer branding project), you are expected to submit a consulting report to the CEOs and HR Director, followed by a presentation.

Group Report: a report that details your evaluation and appraisal of the effectiveness of the project so far, and your recommendations for next step. In this report, you will cover the followings:

· Summary of the project (e.g. background of the project, key challenges)

· Your critique on the actions taken so far (e.g. is the brand well defined? ) and your reflection on what could be done otherwise (e.g. better communication? Better collaboration between teams? )

· Your suggestions on next step (e.g. detailed plan on communication programmes; change of key messages)


Important note : Your report must contain discussion on the implications of this project for other HRM issues, including at least two of the followings:

· Performance management


· Training & development

· Team & teamworking

Marking Criteria


· Depth of analysis

· Theoretical engagement

· Insight and persuasiveness

· Creativity

· Professionalism and presentation

Case Study Source


Mölk, A., & Auer, M. (2018). Designing brands and managing organizational politics: A qualitative case study of employer brand creation. European Management Journal36(4), 485-496.