Group Project Presentation



Prepare a 15-minute group presentation on one of the companies listed in the table below. The instructor has formed the groups for you. Here are the group assignments:


Group Company
Group 1, Group 2 Whole Foods
Group 3, Group 4 Kiva
Group 5, Group 6 Shoe that Grows
Group 7, Group 8, Group9 Kickstarter




Answer the following questions in your presentation:


1. Describe the business model of this company—what does this business do? Why does this business exist? (i.e. strategic mission and vision) What are the benefits of this company?

2. What is the history of the company? Who started this company and why?

3. How does it operate? (Operational structure)

4. Who are the customers? Why does it serve the specific customers?

5. Who are the competitors?

6. Your thoughts on the company and the social mission of this company.


How to prepare the Group Presentation


The Assignment

One of the major competencies of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management program is, learning to work in teams.

This assignment satisfies the team work requirement of the program competencies.

This is a group assignment and the groups are formed by your instructor.


How to do the assignment

Step 1Find your team member. You have been assigned to a team by the instructor. Please find the names of your team members in the groups. Get in touch with them.

Step 2: Come up with a game plan. This is your team for the entire semester and 10% of your grade depends on the success of the teamwork. Come up with a strategy to tackle the teamwork or a game plan. One strategy could be dividing the work among yourselves. You may also want to establish a group leader or leaders.

Step 3: Research the company. Your group has been assigned a specific company. Find the company name from the Table above. To learn about the company, go to the company’s website and read articles about the company.

Step 4: Start the dialogue. Get in touch with your team members and discuss

· how to answer the questions

· how to divide the work among team members

· how to put the presentation together.

Step5: Put the presentations together. Follow the instructions below and put everything together. Every member of the team will upload the final presentation. This may be a new technology for you. Familiarize yourself with the new technology and the presentation methods.

Step 6: Submit the presentation on time. You must put your group name on the title of the submission. For instance, ‘Whole Foods from Group 1’. View the presentations. Comment on the presentations from other teams. Each student will have to post at least two comments.

The Technology



PowerPoint is the suggested application. However, if you are comfortable with other applications such as Key Note (MAC), Google Docs Slides, Prezi, or if you want to put the whole presentation together as a video and upload to YouTube, that will be fine too. If you upload to YouTube, submit the YouTube URL.

1. PowerPoint

· Need help using PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint for Dummies

· PowerPoint for free online

2. Google Docs Slides

· Sign up or login with your Gmail account to use Google Docs slides.

3. Prezi – Only use Prezi if you are already familiar with it.

· Sign up is required @

· Example of a Prezi presentation: 10 Most Common Rookie Presentation Mistakes


Voice recording

You will need a microphone attached to your computer to record your voice when using a desktop application (PowerPoint or Keynote). In PowerPoint you would add narration . If you do not have a microphone attached to your computer, you can record your voice using your phone app (voice recorder or voice note) and then, add those voice notes to the PowerPoint slides by adding audio .


The Content


The content in your presentation will be answers to the questions under ‘Group Project Presentation Requirement’ above

1) Your presentation should have no less than 9 and no more than 15 slides. (9-15 slides)

The presentation should contain the following sections:

a) Title slide (with group name and names of group members )

b) Responses to questions (1-2 slide per question)

c) Conclusion or summary statement (1 slide)

d) Sources (cite the sources used in preparing your response/presentation)

2) Slides with responses to questions must have voice narrations included. The slide alone, with key points will not be enough to represent your response. Do not use paragraphs of information or long sentences in your slides. SLIDES SHOULD CONTAIN KEY POINTS ONLY.

If technology issues prevent you from doing a voice recording, speak with the professor BEFORE THE DUE DATE.

3) The presentation should be well organized, without spelling errors, and should use proper grammar. Review the grading rubric (at the end of this document) to see how you will be graded and what qualities your professor will be looking for in your presentation.


4) Be Creative! And have fun!


Your submission


Submit your final presentation through Turn-it-in. Every member of the group must upload the final presentation. Here is what you need to do to submit the final PPT slides:

· From the Blackboard course menu, go to Group Project Requirements Click on ‘Submit Your Final Group Project Presentation Here’.

Blackboard help:

· Working in groups

· Create group assignments

· Edit group