group report

Students will provide a theory-driven and evidence-based reflective report on a proposed strategic development related one specific technology application in hotel management (whichever is used for the first (group) part of this assessment. Students will critically review literature and theories to justify their selected development and its target outcomes and use primary and secondary data to reflect on the likely consumer acceptance of the proposed strategic development. Students must evaluate collected data to offer strategic implications of the proposed development for hotel managers.


Data collection (in small groups):
• Define a proposed strategic development as above.
• Conduct one interview per person in a group to establish preliminary consumer response to the proposed strategic development. Transcribe interview and analyse, and combine themes from all interviews in the group into a table.
• Using market research reports determine drivers of consumer satisfaction/hotel choice (see lecture week 10).
• Develop and administer a short questionnaire to consumers (n=100 across the group; covering 2 demographic variables, taking themes from the interviews in development of the questionnaire. Enter data into SPSS.
• Share all data across the group.

Report (individual element):
• Briefly define and justify the selected strategic development, and its target outcomes.
• Analyse interview data and report (Appendix 1).
• Evaluate outcomes of market research (Appendix 2).
• Analyse questionnaire data and report (means and standard deviations, t-tests and frequencies for consumer characteristics; Appendix 3).
• Critically evaluate and reflect on all collected data, including relevant literature and collected primary and secondary data, to offer strategic implications for hotel managers.
• Critical thinking and evidence of your own thoughts on the issues is expected. Thorough referencing and a full, professionally presented list of references are essential.

Specific Requirements:
• This section is individual. The University policy will apply in the case of copying, plagiarism or any method by which students have obtained unfair advantage.
• Submit the individual report via SurreyLearn, 3 June 2020 4pm.
• The FULL report should be a maximum length of 2000 words of text (1000 for group part; 1000 words for individual part; excludes appendices, graphs, tables and references), word-processed, 1.5 spaced, using 12-point, preferably Times New Roman font. There is a penalty for going over this word limit.
• Include the word count on your front page.
• Use one inch (about 2.5 cm) margins as a minimum to right and left.
• Your assignment should be written in report style.
Late submissions will be subjected to a sliding