Group research project (annotated poster or Padlet)

In this first assessment, you will work in groups of five with other students who have all chosen the same campaign brief. Using this campaign brief as your starting point, research the context in which your campaign will be set. You will need to identify the most important opportunities and/or barriers for your campaign that have been revealed by your research, and indicate how you might respond to those. Present the main findings and your insights in a poster format and upload on 3 March for discussion.

You may use Chris Rose’s planning star1 to inform your research and to sum up and present your research findings visually. Each member of the group should lead on one point of the planning star. Please don’t ring the NGO concerned and ask for help as they are pushed for time and I’ll get complaints if you all call them! You can start your research via relevant charity or NGOs’ websites, via traditional media coverage and

1 Chris Rose (2010) How to win campaigns: communications for change, page 123.

social media coverage of the issue and by reference to textbooks and other authoritative sources. We will discuss this assessment in class, using a visual of the planning star.